About Us

In a world slowly being choked by plastic, Earthbags brings forth a breath of fresh air, in the form of bags made from Jute, Jute blends, and Cotton Canvas. Started in the year 1995, Earthbags is committed to Mother Nature and manufactures and exports bags that are biodegradable and environmental friendly.

The main raw material was chosen as Jute also to exploit the location advantage of the company. This natural versatile fiber is mainly grown in this part of the world, which greatly helps with regular availability and pricing, consequently giving us an edge. Kolkata is the hub for all jute related products and caters not only to the requirements of the entire country of India but also to requirements of the entire world.

These ‘Earthbags’ are entirely hand crafted and play a very important role in the exports of the Handicrafts sector of India. The company is geared to handle any custom made style to suite all requirements and pockets.The In-house Designers and a Product Development section develops new designs and products to keep in line with the changing seasons, fashions and requirements.

Earthbags also does OEM jobs and prides in exporting bags to some of the leading brands of the world through the years.

Core Competencies:

  • 25 years experience in Manufacturing of Jute bags

  • In house capacity – 3.0 Million Jute and Cotton bags per Year

  • Socially and C-TPAT compliant unit

  • Factory building inspired by Green Building Concept

  • 24×7 Power backup

  • Bags accounting for 95% of the Turnover of the company


  • Dedicated Design Development Team

  • 100% In house Manufacturing

  • New & advanced machines

  • Timely Delivery with assured Quality

  • Totally focused on Quality and Customer satisfaction.

Our Awards

Certificate of Merit 2008-09

Certificate of Merit 2014-15

Certificate of Merit 2015-16

Top Export Award

Our Certifications

Production Facility

We at Earthbags believe in not only selling eco friendly products, but also manufacturing them in the most green way possible. We wanted to ensure that a sustainable future is kept in mind at every step and so Solar Power Plants, an Effluent Treatment Plant, Energy Saving Machines, a Rainwater Harvesting System, LED lights, and Less Water Consuming Plants & Trees can be found in our 50,000 sq. ft. factory.

Our Solar Power Plant helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions, while the ETP releases safe water to our environment, protecting it from the harmful effect caused by the effluent. We try to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through our Energy Saving machines and through our Rainwater Harvesting system, we save millions of gallons of potable water each year. Furthermore, LED lights are free of any chemical which can be hazardous for the environment or public health. We also use Less Water Consuming Plants & Trees as with the increasing problem of climate change and population growth, it has become more important than ever to conserve water.

We also assure our customers the finest quality products through facilities like our Advanced Cutting Machines equipped with modern cutting tables to achieve more precision and fine finishing. We use traditional silk screen print by hand and automatic printing machines for larger productions. We also house our own screen development department with all advanced machineries to get the job well done.

Our Fully Automatic Japanese Embroidery Machines can handle complex embroidery as well as sequins designs in multiple colours. We also have Advanced Japanese machines for stitching with a production capacity of 3.0 million Jute Bags per year. Sophisticated machines for fancier stitching and special requirements can also be found. Our All-Women Quality Control team helps maintain ultimate perfection. Packing & Finished goods storage section is fully restricted to biometrically authorised people.

Lastly, our State-of-the-Art storage facility with advanced inventory management software helps maintain & track production flow.