Our Certifications

Welcome to Our Green Facility

We at Earthbags believe in not only selling eco friendly products, but also manufacturing them in the most green way possible. We wanted to ensure that a sustainable future is kept in mind at every step at our 60,000 sq ft facility.

  • Solar Power Plants- helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions
  • Effluent Treatment Plant- releases safe water to our environment, protecting it from the harmful effect caused by the effluent.
  • Energy Saving Machines- reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Rainwater Harvesting System- save millions of gallons of potable water each year.
  • LED lights- free of any chemical which can be hazardous for the environment or public health.
  • Less Water Consuming Plants/Trees- Keeping Greenery all around and also Conserving water.


Promotional Bags

Our promotional bags are the perfect statement that your company cares for the environment. These natural eco friendly ‘Walking Billboards’ can increase the value of your brand while simultaneously showcasing that you are helping save our green planet.

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Beach Bags

Happy times at the Sea, Sun and Sand are happier with the Earthbags range of Beach bags-Vibrant,Fashion Forward and Fun, these large beach bags are equipped for your getaway with zip pockets for your beach essentials and inside coating to stack away your wet towels. We at at Earthbags make sure that each bag comes with comfortable handles and the perfect style to match yours!

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Wine & Packaging Bags

Gifting wine to your dear ones in a natural and beautiful way has never been easier with Earthbags’ range of Wine Bags. They vary from 1 bottle bags to 6 bottle bags- which are perfect for safely carrying home 6 bottles of wine owing to to its strength and durability.
Earthbags’ packaging bags are the most attractive way to sell Jams,Pickles,Tea,Candles or any Products that deserves the natural statement.

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